We have changed the way our blog will be presented in the future. As a result of having to look at our markets we realized we were allowing our blog to be viewed by anyone in the world. As a result we were bypassing a lot of our markets which are associated with providing services to our home state markets.

We are a business that does coaching and life events processing. It is impossible to do this throughout the world since most cultures outside of the united states in different from ours here in the USA. However all of the world’s occupants have most of the same problems that can be treated with the process of using a life coach to help them look at their problems and find ways to put the events that is causing the problem to interfere with the life cycles and everyday fears that they can produce. We are talking about incidents like PTSD. This is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a condition that almost every single soldier on the battlefield has encountered. There are even special Native American sweat lodges developed with the idea of helping veterans with this order. Without treatment the night mares will continue and their life functions are hampered by these events. And veterans are not the only ones that have such a disorder. Many normal citizens will also have this disorder because of a life event that has caused them to develop the basic elements of PTSD.

But PTSD is only one of the events that need recognition and there are a lot of other similar events that are causing blocks in every life that is impeding their ability to progress. As an example a lot of businesses fail because of a stress incident in one’s life that they are not familiar with but none the less it is there. A life coach can these and bring them to the surface and give it them some treatment. This is the objective of what we can do.

So how can you be involved in this? Some of the signs are certain unsubstantiated fears that occur when one tries to accomplish a goal. If you find that there is a disturbance that creates some fear then you have a condition that can be treated by a life coach and put into the place where it will not cause the fear to be there anymore. Certain actions can be taught to those with the fears to allow them to recognize that the fear has returned. Then they can activate the action that the life coach has provided and the fear will just sort of disappear.

So if you are within our marketing area which is the state of Utah then you could be helped by us by just calling and getting you free 30 minute interview to see if it is an incident that can be found and treated. In almost all cases we will find it and help you look at it and find the way to get it in a place where it will no longer create the fear it has caused you in your life. Give us a call at the number you can find at Then we can see if we can help you. Chances are really good that we can.


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