We are involved in a fundraiser and we want your help if you can do this for us.

This post is provided for my past and some of my present readers of the material I have provided for their needs. We appreciate your comments on what we have provided and now we are working on some fundraisers that will be beneficial for me and one of my dear friends and associates.

This blog will address the needs of a small amount of funding we require in order to improve upon our main sites. These sites are at and

We have contacted a company that can help us improve our SEO presence on the internet with these sites. We have recently changed these sites to make them more presentable on the internet and we really like the changes we have made in the presentation of these sites.

Now as you have read through our past posts we have provided you information about the contents of both of these websites and some of you may have visited and wanted to purchase a service or products from the site and have not been able to do this as of this date. The reason is because there are some problems that need to be fixed and the company I am hiring to do this is going to make things work a lot better.

In conjunction with this we are looking to set the sites up to allow the visitors to access some of our services and make payments for them through our PayPal account. We have not done this as of this date and when we tried we had hookup problems which will be corrected with the work that is to be done.

The location of the funding site is at Take a look at this site and see if you can do anything for us in the form of a donation.

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