On Friday the 7th of December I received a call from my brother who lives in Cave Junction Oregon. In the conversation we learned that he is now getting involved with the past incidents that are now turning into total disabilities for him.

To give you a bit of his history he suffered a very compound fracture of his left leg. It was so serious that hey almost had to amputate the entire leg but they did save it. Now he has to undergo more surgery that could add a lot more to his disability. He needs some back surgery to correct some deteriorations of his spin. This will be somewhat of a laser treatment but it will cause him to lose mobility completely within the next 2 to 3 years.

Now he is self-employed and he will have to give this up. He has a large truck and a log hauling attachment for the truck. When he finishes the scheduled surgery during the month of January he will not be able to work with the log hauling business any longer.  He is on social security and so is his wife. But the income they get will not pay their bills. So now the only alternative for him and his wife of 52 years is to do this fundraiser to get him and his wife completely debt free and some funding for the pending medical bills which will make their financial situation completely unmanageable. The amount they need for everything is the sum of $267,000.00 in order to make the life ahead of them workable. They are buying their home and he will be selling the trucks he owns soon. He will be unable to work in his business any longer so he will need to live one the low social security that he and his wife are now receiving. The total amount is $1,400.00. His age is now 75 years old as of November of this year. He could continue working but when the back surgery is performed he will be disabled and will not be able to do any more business in the log hauling business. And in addition to the pending surgery he is in pain with the leg injury he suffered about 5 years ago. He is well on his way to becoming totally disabled and he needs the funding we are requesting in order to make himself debt free.  The funding will pay for the medical bills and stop the pending foreclosure he will suffer if the funding is not developed. so we are asking all of you that can do any donations to please donate to his cause and get him ready for the disability he is about to have when the surgery is completed. There is nothing else they can do for his leg except to keep him off of this leg and put him in a wheelchair at this time. In accordance with the principles of donating to a worthy cause such as this which is like paying a tithing will always return to the donor an amount of return of about 10 times the value of the donation. If you donate $250.00 then within the next 2 to 3 years you will get back an amount of about $2,500.00 because of your donation.

Look and see if you can donate to his needs and help him work through this because he may well be unable to work after he has his surgery.

English: Cave Junction, Oregon. Driving into t...

English: Cave Junction, Oregon. Driving into town from the North. The mountains in the background starting from the right are Wounded Knee, Broken Rib, Haystack, Little Sanger Peak, Big Sanger Peak, and Chicago Peak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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